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Poems Without Words is born in a period of time in which our lives were destined for fear and sadness, moments in which Guinovart wanted to give us rays of hope and confidence in a better future, publishing a piece on his social networks every day to make us feel accompanied. These pieces are gathered in twenty-four marvelous preludes composed during the most uncertain moments experienced in the world in 2019, which Guinovart premiered on his Instagram channel every week, with the intention of accompanying us in those difficult moments with melodies full of hope. They comforted us, gave us strength, and reminded us that beauty was more necessary than ever in those tough times.

Albert Guinovart's music makes us forget the temerity with which we face the unknown. With Albert, we find ourselves at home, in beautiful Barcelona, in that portion of Barcelona that we all carry within. His music defies the thunder of the storm, transforming it into color, and when it becomes difficult for us to reach joy, we only need to remember a melody by Guinovart to smile again, because his music resides where all beauty and nobility rest.”.



On May 12, 2023, Sony Classical releases Albert Guinovart's second monographic work of piano pieces, following Nocturne, which reached over half a million streams on Spotify.

In addition to the recording of the twenty-four preludes composed during the global pandemic in 2019, Poems Without Words also includes new works that add to his magnificent Nocturnes, Retrats, and Noveletas. For the first time, it features a recording of his compositions based on poems by Emily Dickinson. According to Juan Ángel Vela del Campo's account of Albert Guinovart's new work, "...the composer's five piano poems, based on texts by Emily Dickinson, are the crown jewels of this new release by Guinovart. Two great sensibilities from different historical periods come together in a poetic-musical dialogue as suggestive as it is emotional. Guinovart transcends not only musical borders but also literary and poetic ones on this occasion. Five pieces, each around three minutes long, with music for eternity."

Poems Without Words is completed with five new nocturnes: Eulàlia, Poema d'amor, Adelaisa, "Amor prohibit," and Nocturn a Maria. As a novelty in the author's catalog, it also includes three lullabies: per Elisa, per Daniele, and per Clara.

El Album


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Poems Without Words will be presented on June 22 in one of the most prestigious and emblematic rooms in the world, Carnegie Hall in New York. The concert, dedicated to the memory of Alicia de Larrocha, with whom Albert Guinovart had a close professional relationship and admiration, will also include works that the pianist gave in recital around the world, such as the Poetic Waltzes by Granados or the Fantastic Dances by Turina, as well as a world premiere by Guinovart himself, Nocturn a Alicia dedicated to the well-remembered Alicia de Larrocha.



Allegro de Concierto Op. 46


Valses Poéticos


Tres Danzas Fantásticas, Op. 22 (I. Exaltación, II. Ensueño, III. Orgía)



Valses Poéticos

24 preludes (selección)

Nocturne 'Tribute to Alicia'

3 Poems by Emily Dickinson




JULY · 2023

Review| 'Poems Without Words' por Josep Bosch (Sonograma Magazine)

Guinovart mostra els trets de la seva gramàtica musical i dona eines per fer-se preguntes noves sobre els nombrosos neguits de Dickinson, a mig camí de la paraula i el so del piano. Amb el seu afany d’exhaustivitat, el pianista fa un recull de les seves noves composicions —quaranta-quatre peces curtes—, amb què vol oferir un raig d’esperança.

Read the complete review (in Catalan) >

JUNE · 2023

News | Albert Guinovart debuta en el Carnegie Hall con su proyecto ‘Poems Without Words’

Este proyecto, el segundo que dedica a piano solo, nació durante el confinamiento como un espacio de refugio, «rayos de esperanza y confianza en un futuro mejor». En total, Guinovart compuso y compartió en sus redes sociales 24 preludios que quedan aquí reunidos bajo el sello Sony Classical.

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MAY · 2023

News | Poems Without Words, sexto trabajo discográfico de Albert Guinovart para Sony Classical

Poems Without Words recogen también nuevas obras que se suman a sus magníficos Nocturnos, Retrats, Noveletas de su trabajo editado en Sony Classical Nocturn y en primeras grabaciones mundiales, lanza sus composiciones sobre poemas de Emily Dickinson.

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MAY · 2023
Platea Magazine_edited.jpg

News | Albert Guinovart presenta su nuevo CD: "Poems without words"

Albert Guinovart presenta Poems Without Words, su quinto trabajo monográfico publicado por Sony Classical y su segundo y esperado trabajo monográfico para piano solo en el que interpreta sus últimas composiciones para piano solo. 

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JUNE · 2023

Review | Albert Guinovart displays Catalan candles in Manhattan

"It was only about the encore, the only one that Albert Guinovart did in his magnificent debut on Thursday at Carnegie Hall. But the “catalan community and friends”, whom he thanked for having attended the recital, moved with emotion in their seats".

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JUNE · 2023

News | Albert Guinovart debuta en el Carnegie Hall de Nueva York

El recital incluye el programa de su más reciente proyecto discográfico, Poems Without Words, el quinto publicado por Sony Classical y su segundo trabajo monográfico para piano solo, en el que Guinovart interpreta sus últimas composiciones para piano.

Read the complete news (in Spanish) >

MAY · 2023

News | Albert Guinovart publica ‘Poems Without Words’, el seu sisè treball discogràfic

El disc conté 24 preludis que el pianista va crear durant els mesos més durs de la pandèmia (i que compartia a les xarxes socials), juntament amb cinc obres noves a partir de poemes d’Emily Dickinson, cinc nous nocturns i tres cançons de bressol.

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JUNE · 2023
La Vanguardia2.png

Review | Albert Guinovart despliega velas catalanas en Manhattan

"Se trataba solo del bis, el único que hizo Albert Guinovart en su magnífico debut del jueves en el Carnegie Hall. Pero la “catalan community and friends”, a la que dio las gracias por haber asistido al recital, se removió de emoción en sus asientos."

Read the complete review (in Spanish)

MAY · 2023
La Vanguardia2.png

News | Albert Guinovart publica 'Poems Without Words', el seu sisè treball discogràfic

Albert Guinovart publica aquest divendres 'Poems Without Words' (Sony Music), el seu sisè àlbum i el segon exclusivament centrat en obres de piano sol i interpretades per ell mateix.

Read the complete news (in Catalan) >

MAY · 2023
Toda La musica_edited_edited.png

News | Sony Classical lanza  "Poems Without Words" nuevo proyecto de Albert Guinovart

Sony Classical lanza el nuevo y esperado proyecto para piano solo del compositor y pianista Albert Guinovart.

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