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Composer: Albert Guinovart

Performers: Albert Guinovart, piano, Marta Mathéu, soprano, Anna Alàs, mezzo-soprano, Marc Sala, tenor and Josep-Ramon Olivé, baritone, Franz Schubert Philharmonic, Tomàs Grau, conducting.

Record Label: Sony Classical

Release year: 2022

Albert Guinovart presents Poems Without Words, his fifth monographic work published by Sony Classical and his highly anticipated second monographic work for solo piano, where he performs his own compositions.

Poems Without Words was born during a period of time when our lives were filled with fear and sadness, moments when Guinovart wanted to gift us rays of hope and confidence in a better future. He published a piece every day on his social media platforms to make us feel accompanied. These pieces, collected in twenty-four wonderful preludes, consoled us, gave us strength, and reminded us that beauty was more necessary than ever in those tough moments.

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Poems Without Words
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