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2002 - Nadales i villancicos.webp

Composer: Albert Guinovart
Interpreters: Symphonic Orchestra of the Conservatori Superior del Liceu; Cor Jove de L'Orfeó Catalá; Manel Valdivieso, director; Conxita García, director
Record Label: Harmonia Mundi
Release Year: 2002

Albert Guinovart collaborates during two San Esteban Concerts, the traditional concert at the Palau de la Música Catalana with the Cor Jove del Orfeó Català choir conducted by Conxita Garcia, premiering eight Christmas Carols.

This recording includes seven Nadales and five Christmas Carols arranged by Guinovart, for choir and orchestra.

The CD is completed by Nadal's Rhapsody for orchestra with the Cor Jove choir of l'Orfeó Català, Conxita Garcia and the Symphonic Orchestra of the Superior Conservatory of the Liceo under the baton of Manuel Valdivieso.

CD Nadales
2000 - Infamia Tangos de Barcelona.jpg

Composer: Albert Guinovart
Interpreter: Symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona and National of Catalonia
Record Label: DECCA
Release year: 2000

The Decca record company commissioned Albert Guinovart to make the arrangements of tangos for piano and orchestra in 1988, to be recorded by Lawrence Foster at the head of the OBC and that he himself played them on the piano.

Five songs were recorded by Julia Migenes at the legendary Capitol Records in Los Angeles.

Cd Albert Obras Piano
1999 - Guinovart Obras piano.jpg

Composer: Albert Guinovart
Interpreter: Albert Guinovart
Label: Harmonia Mundi
Release Year: 1999

This recording includes Albert Guinovart's first piano works, such as the well-known Sonata “C’est l’amour”.

It also includes some preludes and a Sonatina on themes by Mompou, composed for the composer's centenary.

Cd Terra Baixa
1999 - Terra Baixa.jpg

Composer: Albert Guinovart
Interpreter: Albert Guinovart
Record Label: Cat Records
Release year: 1999

Recording of the ballet “Terra Baixa” with music by Albert Guinovart on the drama Guimerà commissioned by Esbart Sant Cugat, who premiered it with the Orquestra Nacional de Cambra d’Andorra, which in this album is directed by the director Tobias Gossmann.

cD El largo invierno
1992 - El largo invierno (BSO).png

Composer: Albert Guinovart
Interpreter: Albert Guinovart
Record Label: EMI Music
Release year: 1992

Soundtrack recorded by the Orquestra Ciutat de Barcelona and conducted by maestro Luis María García Navarro. Directed by Jaime Camino, the film has international stars such as Vittorio Gasman, Jacques Penot, Elizabeth Hurley and Jean Rochefort, and was presented at the 1992 Berlin Film Festival.

Albert Guinovart, with a music of post-Romantic inspiration, won the National Film Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya in 1992.

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